Read Someone’s Text Messages

5 Best Apps to Read Someone’s Text Messages

When your kid or spouse spends much of time on the cellphone, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it disturbing you that your loved one is not devoting enough time to you?

Well, in that case, the only thing that can provide you answers to all your questions is checking on their cellphones and messages. This way, you will have an idea about what is going on in their life. You will also get to know whether your partner is deceiving you or not.

Right here, we will advise how to peruse somebody’s message without installing any kind of product on the objective telephone. Neither you have to take hacking classes, nor you have to fall into the snare of trick apparatuses.

Let us see how message tracking is possible even without installing any kind of software.

1. Cocospy – Safe and Secret Message Tracking App


Cocospy is the finest and top-quality message tracker to keep an eye on messages without much ease and convenience. You can use Cocospy to read someone’s text messages whenever you want. Peruse the discussions effectively without jailbreaking the objective iOS gadget!

In the case of Android gadgets, there is a need to access the objective gadget, but only for once. That one time, you need to install the Cocospy app, which will be completely hidden and will not appear among other apps on that phone.

While in the case of iOS devices, the working is even simpler. Cocospy adds more to your ease by allowing you to spy on the gadget even without installing the app.

To a great extent, guardians use it to monitor their children’s conduct and interests by perusing their messages. Also, bosses use Cocospy mobile phone checking solution to screen workers’ discussions.

Cocospy’s Working Mechanism

Cocospy Spy App can be utilized to keep an eye on messages without jailbreaking the objective phone. You can find all the info here on the Cocospy blog. If it is an iOS device that you are spying on, all you need is to get to the objective telephone’s iCloud qualifications, enter that into the framework, and you can begin observing.

The information of the objective gadget is matched up utilizing the iCloud reinforcement and transferred to the Cocospy servers. This information is shown on your Cocospy Control Panel. You can see the messages by picking ‘Messages’ from your dashboard.

Here we will provide all the steps you need to take in order to start tracking someone’s messages.

Step 1: If you are using the Cocospy spy app, you first need to register with it. Otherwise, you could not be able to use its services effectively. You can sign-up by heading to their official site and following all the instructions given there.

Step 2: Now, you need to pick the right OS of the device whose messages you want to read. If it is an Android device, you need to install the app(as mentioned previously); this takes only a couple of minutes. And don’t worry about being found out because Cocospy will hide you well.

If it is an iOS device, provide the iCloud credentials of the relative device, and then you are ready to go.

Step 3: When you are done with registering and setting it up, you can now proceed to the dashboard. There, you will find the ‘Messages’ option. Click on it and start reading the messages of the person you’re spying on.

2. Spyic


Spyic is another dependable message tracking solution. Spyic gives an observing answer for the two OS, iOS and Android gadgets.

Spyic draws you in with a charming client experience. The natural and splendid user-friendly interface makes the spying experience pleasant. With over 30+ highlights, Spyic gives you the ability to follow a few exercises on the objective telephone.

It is compelling because it permits you to peruse all instant messages, alongside a date and time stamp and contact subtleties. Besides, you can see the media sent over MMS.

Text messages are not the essential vehicle of message-based correspondence any longer. Instead, individuals utilize different free social applications to send and get messages. With Spyic’s bleeding-edge innovation, you can screen the exercises on social records.

Spyic offers No Jailbreak iOS arrangement and a No Root Android arrangement. In contrast to a considerable a lot of its rivals, Spyic gives all functionalities without altering gadget security or working framework.

3. Spyier


Spyier is a standout amongst other text message spying applications in the industry. It permits you to keep an eye on messages sent, received, or erased from the objective telephone.

It additionally permits you to pick up contact data. Not just text messages, you can likewise utilize Spyier to follow WhatsApp messages and other social networking apps like Facebook and Snapchat also.

The best thing about Spyier message spy is that you can screen messages without rooting the objective gadget. In that capacity, you don’t require physical access to their iPhones.

4. Minspy


Here is another app that has made it to the list of top five best message tracking applications. Minspy is not an ordinary spying solution. It allows you to track someone’s text messages as well as the messages sent and received through messaging applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Due to its best and finest services and highlights, Minspy is being liked and used by a lot many individuals around the world, and that is why it has also made its mark on a global level.

Minspy has caught the attention of some big global media firms like Forbes, Toms Guide, and TechRadar, which have appraised Minspy in some of the best words.

5. Spyine


Although it is last on our list, Spyine still stands among the best five apps with which you can track someone’s phone and messages. Spyine provides all the tracking features and not just message tracking.

It offers standard spying highlights, including following call logs, contacts, perusing history, schedule, occasions, and notes. You can follow the area progressively also. The propelled highlights incorporate SIM Card alarms, keylogger, recording telephone conversations, and catching of previews remotely.


All the applications referenced above and are genuine. Nonetheless, we suggest utilizing the Cocospy application as it’s the most sensible and generally dependable.

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