9 Cheap and efficient storage solutions for your closet

9 Cheap and Efficient Storage Solutions For Your Closet

Organizing your closet can be a pickle. Aside from arranging them based on the type of garment or accessory, you also have to keep in mind that your stuff needs to be systematic. You don’t want to be in the position where you must go through all your things on a busy morning. As much as possible, you want everything to be reachable.

If you are not ready to thoroughly declutter your clothes, there are a few storage solutions and hacks that you can do. The best part? You don’t have to spend a lot! Please go through our list to help you organize your closet well.

Photo Storage Box

When it comes to your undergarments or accessories, organizing and placing them in a photo storage box should do the trick. You can also store using a photo storage box: belts, socks, mini towels, hats, and mini bags. These boxes are durable and stackable, so you can easily place them anywhere in your closet. You can check your local bookstore to pick from a good selection of photo storage boxes.

Metal Shelves

Metal Shelves

Metal shelves are an excellent clothes divider if you don’t want your stack of clothes to topple over. You can also buy a hanging one to insert under one of the shelves in your closet. A metal shelf takes up little space from your wardrobe and is easy to install. You can use metal shelves as storage for your heavy garments, like jeans, ample towels, and sweaters.

Create your wired rack 

You can DIY a wired rack behind your closet door. All you need is a few screws, wires, and clothespins. Once you install the wire, you can hang your caps, hats, and gloves! You will never lose another pair with this affordable storage solution. 

Install some hooks 

When utilizing your closet space, you want to go vertical. There might be some spaces on the sides of your closet that you can use. Install some hooks that you can use to hang your accessories, belts, bags, and caps. This technique can save you a lot of space; your necklaces and bracelets will not get tangled.


If you need to look for another space, why not use the drawers you already have at home? You can move all your t-shirts from your closet to your wood storage drawers. You may upcycle some scrap woods and create dividers to make your drawers more organized. If you’re familiar with the KonMari method, you can store your clothes upright to get them and utilize more space quickly.

Shoe pocket organizer

A good pocket organizer can store up to 10 flats. You can hang the shoe pocket organizer behind your closet’s door. Of course, you’re not just limited to using the shoe pocket organizer for shoes. You can also use it for tiny garments, accessories, and little knick-knacks. You can DIY one using some fabric scraps.

Extend your closet to your living room

If you have no room for a drawer or extra space in your closet to work on, you might want to maximize your living room storage. You can tuck away your out-of-season clothes and pull them out again when needed. For example, you can use an ottoman to store last season’s clothes or bed sheets. 

Use wicker baskets

Use wicker baskets

Why not repurpose your gift baskets into a cute storage solution? Depending on the size and shape, a wicker basket also makes it pleasant for the eyes to look at. You can use the baskets for your sweaters and towels. It’s easy to pull them out and rearrange them.

Tiered hangers

Using tiered hangers can save you a lot of space in your closet. Instead of using, for example, five separate hangers, you can use one. You may use tiered hangers for garments that are not too delicate, like t-shirts. You can also use them for your scarves and belt, so everything is in one place. If you couldn’t find a tiered hanger, you may reuse an old chain and install it on your closet rod. This should be a good alternative.

Your storage solutions don’t have to be expensive.

Managing your clothes doesn’t have to be gruesome and expensive. With creativity, you can repurpose some items in your home and recycle them into something more useful. An organized closet can give you a clear mind and save you time.

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