Wondershare PDFElement Pro Review

Wondershare PDFElement Pro Review

The Wondershare PDFelement Pro helps you convert, create, edit, or fill PDF documents on the go. The software solves multiple complications for big and small businesses with an affordable pricing structure. Read more.


Before we get to the review of Wondershare PDFelement Pro, I want readers to imagine a prevalent scenario:

Visualize an everyday situation where you are running from meetings to meetings. You carry presentations and digital paperwork- contracts, agreements, pointers, licenses, etc. A client requests you to send a PDF file this instant (yes, we have all been there).

Would you not have software that helps you do whatever you want to an already existing PDF file without spending a bomb? Wondershare PDF Element Pro enables you to do precisely that.

This software plugs a glaring loophole in the industry, from converting PDF files on the fly to editing, filling out forms, to formatting (we all know what a pain that is). I am sure many people working in the corporate and business sectors will be interested in how PDFelement makes their lives easier.

Wondershare PDFelement Pro: General Overview

Wondershare PDFelement Pro: General Overview

Wondershare PDFelement 6 was a champion product. In a short period, it made a name for itself as a natural alternative to Adobe. Wondershare PDFelement 7 Pro takes all the good bits of its predecessor but steps it up a notch.

The software is compatible with Mac and Windows, making a rather tedious process engaging and fun. We all know that there is no escape from PDFs. Why not watermark, optimize, merge, compress, and do much more in no time?

You might point out that all the intelligent features I have mentioned are something that almost all PDF editors use. Why, then, am I going gaga over the Wondershare PDFelement Pro?

What if I told you that Wondershare PDFelement Pro treads into a feature-rich domain previously monopolized by the biggies sitting in San Jose, California (quiz time peeps)?

We are talking about PDF Size Optimization, PDF Document Signing, and OCR Recognition!

In the following sections, we will look at some of the significant features of the software. However, before we begin, I want to shed some light on Wondershare, the company.

Wondershare: Bring Simplicity to Life

  1. What is the purpose of technology if it confuses you?
  2. Why are companies and software products insistent on making technology more complicated rather than simpler?
  3. Is it not the aim to help technology change people’s lives for the better and in an affordable way?

According to Wondershare’s Founder, the company’s end goal is to bring harmony to people’s lives through technology. He points out that the above three questions form the foundation of every product from the company’s stable.

With nearly two decades of experience in the IT and software industry, Wondershare has been slowly revolutionizing how human beings use technology.

Spotmau and Filmora, two of Wondershare’s cutting-edge products, are redefining their respective industries (Smart Home Tech and Video Editing).

The ethos of the company is on technology, transparency, and affordability. These three virtues are highly evident in the Wondershare PDFelement Pro.

Key Features of Wondershare PDFelement Pro

Key Features of Wondershare PDFelement Pro

In this section, I will be reviewing some features of the Wondershare PDFelement Pro that I found to be particularly helpful.

1. The presence of the Word Editor makes it a breeze

One of the best parts about the Wondershare PDFelement Pro is that the product works effortlessly, just like Word. You get the same level of flexibility, and ease of working. The Word Editor on PDF documents is probably one of the most excellent features.

2. Directly add Comments and Mark sections

I have always found it frustrating that you could not add comments on PDF (like you could on Word). However, with Wondershare PDFelement Pro, you can do a lot more. It can strike through, highlight, and add viewable comments directly on PDF.

3. Share Files Online in multiple locations

There is no problem if you upload the PDFs to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote. The Digital Signature helps you share and secure your PDFs. Wondershare PDFelement Pro understands that you will need to store files and access them now and then.

4. Create a PDF by integrating different File Formats

PDF to word? Not a problem. PPTs to PDF? Hold my drink. Spreadsheets to PDF? Do you have anything serious? Wondershare PDFelement Pro allows you to instantly create PDF files from multiple other formats.

5. OCR Recognition available on Pro Version

OCR or Optical Character Recognition helps in the mechanical conversion of images of handwritten or typed text into the machine-encoded format. You can perform OCR from a previously scanned document or a photo. Brilliant, isn’t it?

6. Free Trial with all Unlocked Features

If you want to test the product for yourself, Wondershare allows you to do that with a Free Trial version for a limited time. It helps you get familiar with the tech and enjoy all the features of the full, rich, paid version.

7. Filling Forms and Exporting Data with ease

Wondershare PDFelement Pro is adept when it comes to filling PDF forms directly. Can you imagine how much power you would have at your disposal? You will never have to copy the same into Word, fill it out, export the same, and send it (not to mention the formatting).

Wondershare PDFelement Pro New Interface

Wondershare PDFelement Pro New Interface

I have already mentioned in the earlier sections of the review that Wondershare PDFelement 6 was already a stellar product. I also said that Wondershare PDFelement Pro ups the game in some critical areas.

One of the areas has been the software’s User Interface (UI)!

When you are trying to improve an already excellent product, there is little that you can do. Customers already loved the previous version. The Wondershare team then, in that respect, had their task cut out.

However, they have always hit it out of the park with the new user interface. If I were to use two words to define the same to you, I would use- Sophisticated and Refined!

When you look at the redesigned UI, you will see how minimalist the design is. There are no ‘extra’ elements that are not required. The flow, annotations, and feature tabs are all designed to encourage usage, which is a perfect thing for a tech product.

The test of an excellent interface is whether everyone can use it proficiently. To test the same, I asked one of the junior copywriters in my team to give it a go.

(Heads up, this individual is by far the most technologically challenged human specimen I have ever seen in my life).

Copywriters prepare n number of docs a year. They love their Word more than they love their family members. After a couple of days, I asked him how the software was. To my surprise, he was not only using it but also enjoying the product’s contribution to making his life easy.

The home or welcome screen has everything that you will ever need. Our copywriter pointed out that the tabs are similar or easier (in some cases) than most Word editors.

Wondershare PDFelement Pro: Review of Applications

Wondershare PDFelement Pro: Review of Applications

In the last section, I reviewed the User Interface of the Wondershare PDFelement Pro. This section will look at the applications in detail and assess how they perform.

1. Opening PDF Files

Whenever you open the Wondershare PDFelement Pro, you will see the list of all the PDF files you have previously opened in the left-hand section of the software. You can easily click on the files you want to start editing. The software allows you to open a PDF file of your choice, as you can see below.

2. Editing PDFs just like Word Editors

Once you have opened a PDF file, you might need to make some changes. You can use the function you would want to execute and go about it. (Yes, it is as simple as that). You can add text, comments, or even insert an image into the PDF. In the below image, you can see that I can quickly type straight into the PDF (red text).

2. Optimize the size of your PDF

There might be file size, especially when uploading articles on portals and other official platforms. Some PDFs might need optimization. With the Wondershare PDFelement Pro, you can optimize your PDFs easily. You can choose from optimization levels- low, medium, and high.

3. Editing Forms

You can directly create, generate, and edit PDF files now. From adding text to adding new sections and formatting, the editor is more than capable. The Form menu contains multiple functions that help you in creating highly engaging and interactive forms.

4. Security and Signatures

We all value our privacy. With several data breaches happening worldwide, it is vital to protect our documents. Wondershare PDFelement Pro prioritizes the way we sign in to our papers. It will ask you to sign in using your digital signature along with the password.

What about the Technical Support of Wondershare PDFelement Pro?

What about the Technical Support of Wondershare PDFelement Pro?

After the ease, functionality, and features of the software convinced me, I started nitpicking. You can first do that by looking up forums and reviewing pages that talk about the support.

No matter how good the software is, the most excellent tech suffers from poor post-sales support. I am sure you would like to know what happened when I initiated a chat and an email with the beautiful Wondershare team.

With a product so easy and great, I did not find any issues on my end. After some thought, I narrowed down the pricing structure and the feature list.

As soon as I reached out, the response from the support team was instant. The support representative explained almost all the pricing features and requested I try the free version.

Following this, I went to various forums to check what people thought of the Wondershare PDFelement Pro’s support.

I have done many exercises like these in the past while reviewing and have subconsciously expected to find dirt. I would be lying if I said that I was looking forward to some negative reviews online.

Alas, almost all my expectations were washed away with positivity, five-star ratings, and compliments. People were more than happy with the technical support from the Wondershare team.

Another critical area of concern fully satisfied- Check!

Pros and Cons of the Wondershare PDFelement Pro

I have tried to review almost every aspect of this fantastic new product. In this section, I wanted to briefly list the pros and cons of Wondershare PDFelement Pro.

Thumbs Up 1: Excellent User Interface

The best thing about the new Wondershare PDFelement Pro is, by far, its fantastic user interface. It is easy, simple, and offers a wide variety of options. The simplicity helps you quickly access the capabilities and the complete set of functionalities of the software.

Thumbs Up 2: List of Features and Functionalities

Whatever your need, concern, and requirement, the Wondershare PDFelement Pro helps you get that. From editing to security, from conversion to exporting data, this PDF editor is the Superhero of all editors.

Thumbs Up 3: Free Trial Version

A great product that shares itself with audiences for free is something commendable. The company employs the traditional form of marketing- give someone value-free, and they will latch on forever. The Free Trial Version is remarkable for someone using such a powerful PDF editor for the first time.

Thumbs Up 4: The Usability of the PDF Editor

How often can you state that you have used over 90% of a software’s capabilities? Not many times, I am guessing. With Wondershare PDFelement Pro’s ease, you are encouraged to try this, and that, and then some more.

Thumbs Up 5: Fast Processing and Optimizing

How often can you state that you have used over 90% of a software’s capabilities? Not many times, I am guessing. With Wondershare PDFelement Pro’s ease, you are encouraged to try this and that and then some more.

Thumbs Down 1: None Found!

Is Wondershare PDFelement Pro worth your money?

Is Wondershare PDFelement Pro worth your money?

It is essential to understand that Wondershare PDFelement Pro comes in two versions- Standard and Pro. The Pro version is miles and leaps ahead of the Standard variant in terms of functionality.

You get OCR Recognition, Watermarking, exporting directly from Scanner, and other linguistic support in the Pro version. When it comes to making and editing Forms, the Pro version helps you ace the same with automatic form creation, auto recognition, data extraction, and much more.

We get a tech product in the market that identifies the industry’s pain points. Hence, addressing them accordingly. Wondershare PDFelement Pro is one of those software products. The affordability of the PDF editor is by far the best in the industry if you compare the feature-rich capabilities.

Regarding pricing, the software’s affordability and cost-effective nature make it an absolute winner. You can directly buy the software from the site or go-to platforms that offer Wondershare PDFelement coupons.

The Final Word

Every professional working out there will state how they cannot do without PDFs. If you are someone who handles a lot of digital paperwork regularly, you will be able to value the greatness of the Wondershare PDFelement Pro.

The best part about this software is the feature-rich capabilities along with a fantastic User Interface. It does not matter if you are an Elon Musk or an ordinary Joe; both of you can easily use the Wondershare PDFelement Pro.

Whenever I review a piece of tech or software, I recommend something I would use daily. Wondershare PDFelement Pro is a capable, affordable, and user-easy piece of tech that lives up to the ideals of why technology aims to deliver- make human lives easier!

We should never forget that Adobe is successful, not because it is feature-rich or the most capable PDF editor in the world. Adobe is successful because it is familiar.

Step aside, Adobe, there is someone new!

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